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Details here.

Rogue Solo [userpic]

According to reports by the BBC, it looks as though some police forces throughout the UK have found an effective way of proving someones identity. Most of us already possess a unique form of identification without the need to carry passports, driving licences, nor the proposed ID card.

A small PDA sized computer can now scan fingerprints, check it against a database, and report back to the police officer the identity of the person within a matter of minutes.


Peach [userpic]

So, please come, Please PLEASE come, buy tickets, bring your friends, bring your family, dig up the recently deceased and bring them. And ID Cards are really, really bad, seriuosly it's worse than you think. Look at www.no2id.net.

Line up and details are as follows:

Dara O'Briain (Host of Mock the Week and Have I got News For You)
Paul Sinha (Perrier nominee 2006)
Josie Long (Perrier best newcomer 2006)
Kevin Eldon
Lucy Porter
Wil Hodgson (Perrier best newcomer 2004)
Gary Le Strange (Perrier best newcomner 2003)
Andrew O'Neill
Ben Norris
with MC Daniel Kitson

It's at the Hackney Empire, Mare St, London on Sunday October 1st at 7.30 pm
Book tickets here: www.hackneyempire.co.uk

First, welcome to everyone who's joined thus far. I'm sorry it's been quiet as of late but I currently don't have a regular internet connection. Once I do, then things should pick up a bit.

In the mean time, spread the word about this community - the more people we can bring into this the better. Also, post up details about where your nearest group is and when they meet. For my part, I'm helping to restart the Aberystwyth meeting, and those in the local area can find us on Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm, in the Fresh Ground cafe on Cambrian Street.

Thanks all.

Say NO to ID - say YES to privacy and real security.

We're all here because we support NO2ID's campaign against the Government's scheme to introduce a mandatory ID card and to have everyone in the UK on a National Identity Register by 2010, beginning with passport renewals in 2008. We reject entirely the notions that such a scheme will do anything to improve our national security, combat benefit fraud, identity theft or illegal immigration, as all have been disproved despite the Government repeatedly shifting the goalposts on the argument.

If you are a UK resident who shares these views, and wants to help the campaign for our freedom and our right to privacy, we invite you to join us. We also urge you to renew your passport during the month of May 2006, whether or not you do join the community, as part of NO2ID's Renew for Freedom campaign to send a message to the Government that this scheme is not wanted by millions of the people to whom they answer and flies in the face of every democratic tradition upon which the UK is based.

This community is intended to be a forum for discussion of the issues involved, from how to make the case against to the people of Britain, to how to confront the issue now that Parliament has passed the Identity Cards Act and, should it come to it, means of civil disobedience to fight this in the country. It is not, as yet, formally affiliated with the NO2ID campaign and is thus unofficial.

This community is open to all who value Britain's democratic traditions and institutions, and who reject this Government's attempt to throw away our personal liberty, civil rights and privacy in the name of otherwise worthy goals.

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